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Course: "The Artist's Way"
Visions School of Art will provide a 12-week course based on the international bestselling book, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Margaret Cameron, beginning on 13th of September 2018 - you can join the course until the second week, however. 10 students maximum per course. Twelve weeks means 12 steps to 'artistic recovery', removing creative blockages and resistences in a similar manner to our Painting From Your Core workshops and sessions - the tools in The Artist's way, however, are more often written ones than painterly ones; this does not mean, however, that the course is only for writers - it's for any person with an interest in any form of creativity. The book itself is structured around a 12-week engagement with the creative affirmations, "artist's dates" and other tools (particularly 'morning pages' and walks) and exercises described therein. It is an enormously powerful way to aid not only creative freedom and proliferation, but also a general sense of focus and 'aliveness' that comes from making space to engage with your creative process, each day. Andrew, the facilitator of the course (and tutor/facilitator at Visions School of Art), has worked his way through the book and exercises three times, and therefore has considerable familiarity with the content. He will also enhance the lessons in the book by facilitating collaborative creative exercises, an imaginative engagement with the text that we have come to label, "ideas taking flight". Held each week at the new Visions School of Art studio-classroom on Tower Street, this course promises to be a mixture of great fun and profound changes to our creative lives, and thus even our lives in general. RSVP here and then email Andrew at: [masked] with any questions or to complete booking. 230 euros.

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"I can't believe it! I realise now what my painting is talking about, what it is all about. This workshop has surpassed my expectations!

[Later] I'm still impressed and keep looking at that painting, as it gave me a solution for something important."

- Irina Lomakova, PFYC participant

‘Painting from your Core’ is an approach to developing personal expression and imagination through the medium of paint. While being extremely therapeutic, it does not entail analysing the work of participants (and thus participants themselves), and may not therefore be considered to be Art Therapy, in the classical sense of that term. What it IS, is an exploration of a personal, expressive painting practice, as well as of the imaginative, authentic, primordial, emotional, creative and even playful self, all in a safe and encouraging environment. This approach is a deep and yet uncritical engagement with paint, the basic tenet of these Cork creative/expressive painting workshops.

‘Painting from your Core’ can have creative, emotional, relational and even physical benefits, while being a highly enjoyable and profound endeavor. The imagery that can result from this approach can be some of the most powerful imagery available in artistic practice, though you do not need to have prior experience with painting to participate. The imaginal material that emerges in the course of painting is arrived at not through the intention of the painter, but through an unfettered approach to personal expression. In fact, those with a lot of painting experience will often have to ‘un-learn’ their developed, sophisticated techniques in order to enjoy fully the benefits of personal expression for the sake of it, and to yield the ‘fully-blown’ power of the imagery that can result.

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