Within this course, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles and techniques of weight lifting, body weight strength training, hip, and shoulder mobility exercises, and learning to handstand.
With the completion of the course, the successful attendee can go on with competence to become a Café Move member and enjoy all of our classes with confidence.

The Course covers in depth the correct approach to the following exercises.
>Push Ups
>Chin Up

As well all of the supplementary training to support the development of overall strength and joint mobility around these exercises.

The course comprises of twice a week coached sessions within our centre and twice a week prescribed homework based on what was taught in class to reinforce the learning and capitalise on the physiological development, ie strength increase, fat loss, skill development.

The objective of the course is to have the attendee competent and confident in their ability to continue their training so to ensure their capacity to stay physically able and mentally fresh for life.
Furthermore, the objective is to equip the attendee with the tools to maintain the integrity of the physical structure and manage their soft tissue, understanding the importance of a balanced approach to physical training for sustainability.

The attendee will be introduced to the Café Move ethos and experience teachings in dynamic movement and play relative to physical and mental development.

Spaces are limited to ensure the attendees receive sufficient teaching attention.

Cost: €100
Date: 10th September - 17th October

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