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This an open group for all ages and all are welcome. Whether you are have experienced loss through suicide of a loved one or experiencing suicidal thoughts the purpose of the group is to meet in a safe and non judgemental environment and learn and apply the various Shamanic practices available to heal these traumas and bring balance back into your life.


Rajinder was born in India, a culture rich in ancient traditions of Spirituality, Faith & Religions. His parents knew of his path years before he was born and it was no surprise when he started to accompany his father to Spiritual Teachers at an early age. At the age of eleven he moved London with his uncle leaving his family in India. The years spent away from his family were not easy and after twelve years he returned to India only to find his sister very ill and his father not well either. The following year his sister passed away and a year later his father, his hero. The need to heal and answer the calling only grew stronger and in the years that followed he was back on his path trying to combine his spiritual quest with his day job. The calling took him to spend time and learn from Master Shamans & Spiritual Teachers in India, West Africa, USA, Europe and more recently Peru which he now regards as his second spiritual home. In 2004 he moved to Cork and he started to practice energy work full time and teach meditation in it's various forms. After eight years working from Dervish Holistic centre as well as Hagal Farm in Cork on Winter Solstice 2012 Rajinder embraced his vision and opened the ' Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies. ' He believes that knowledge is a gift & a blessing that has been passed down to us and that we need to pass it on to the next generation. After years of giving introductory workshops on various aspects of Shamanic work in 2012 Rajinder started training those interested in this work. He offers on going Meditation classes, Workshops, Practitioner Courses, One to One Sessions and takes groups on Sacred Trips to Peru and India. www.munaycentre.com (http://www.munaycentre.com/)

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