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This meetup is for value investing enthusiasts -- Graham and Buffett acolytes. We're focused on fundamentals, whether they come from wonderful companies or cigar butts. Our aim is to have a meetup once a month where a couple of people pitch an idea, and we follow it up with beers/networking. If you're interested in value investing, please join up!

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Value Investing Meetup (Aug 2020)

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Dear members, Hope you are all well and staying safe. Not sure when we'll be able to meet in a group setting again in NYC. As I'm sure we're all proficient in Zoom by now, we were thinking of attempting this online format for our next meeting. ** Please reach out to me as soon as possible with agenda topics for our next meeting. Here's the agenda for this meetup: 1. Costco or FB - Walter (20min + Q&A) 2. Looking for volunteers, so please message with topics... 3. ... 4. ... We request speakers who've committed to being on the agenda to please keep us updated well in advance of the meetup date if plans change. We're always looking for members to volunteer agenda topics for this or an upcoming meetup. Please message Zizou, the organizer directly. It's helpful to publish topics and names in advance of the meetup, so members have time to independently research and prepare. Please indicate the time (# of mins, pref ~15-20min) you'll need to cover the topic. **** PLEASE NOTE THESE "RULES OF THE ROAD" RELATED TO OUR MEETINGS. 1. PLEASE HONOR YOUR RSVP RESPONSES AND ARRIVE ~10 MINS BEFORE 4 PM. Latecomers interrupt the presentations, so we'd really rather you SKIP if you're late and join the following meeting. 2. IN THE INTEREST OF LEARNING, PLEASE CONSIDER INVITING SPEAKERS FROM YOUR NETWORK TO GIVE TEACH-INS TO OUR GROUP. Over the last years, we've invited a number of speakers who've given talks on a range of topics including Patent/IP Law, European elections/Political landscape, Macroeconomics and Investment process. Please let me know if you have people from your network who'd be willing to give a talk on an interesting topic. 3. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY OF CURIOUS LEARNERS AND MAINTAIN A CONSTRUCTIVE TONE IN DISCUSSIONS. We want to encourage participation; this promotes learning and makes for more substantive and useful discussions. We are a very supportive community interested in learning, so please volunteer topics/pitches in advance of the scheduled meeting; this way, members have an opportunity to research independently. --- Best regards! Value Investing Community

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