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Value Investing Meetup (Oct 2018)
Dear members, PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15MINS BEFORE 4PM. Latecomers interrupt the presentations, so we'd really rather you SKIP if you're late and join the following meeting. Here is the MEETING AGENDA: #1: Justin will demo an Alternative data product for in-depth fundamental research... 20-30min + Q&A #2: Stephen will pitch a name (TBD) ... 20-30min + Q&A #3: Looking for more volunteers to present or lead discussions. Please message me with your topics. **** PLEASE NOTE THESE "4 RULES OF THE ROAD" RELATED TO OUR MEETINGS. 1. PLEASE HONOR YOUR RSVP RESPONSES AND PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 5-10MINS BEFORE 4PM. It's fine if you change your mind, just please remember to update your RSVP; waitlisted members may then attend in your place. Two defaults may lead to member removal. Arrive early; latecomers interrupt presentations, so we'd rather you skip the meeting. 2. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY OF CURIOUS LEARNERS AND MAINTAIN A CONSTRUCTIVE TONE IN DISCUSSIONS. We want to encourage participation; this promotes learning and makes for more substantive and useful discussions. We are a very supportive community interested in learning, so please volunteer topics/pitches in advance of the scheduled meeting; this way, members have an opportunity to research independently. Please indicate the time (# of mins, pref ~15-20min) you'll need to cover the topic. 3. INVITE SPEAKERS FROM YOUR NETWORK TO GIVE TEACH-INS TO OUR GROUP. Over the last years, we've invited a number of speakers who've given talks on a range of topics including Patent law, European election/Political landscape, Macroeconomics and Investment process. As a group, we can gather more speakers, so please let me know if you have people from your network who'd be willing to give a talk on any interesting topic. 4. PLEASE PAY YOUR 2018 ANNUAL DUES IN PERSON WHEN YOU ATTEND. Annual dues will be minimum of $10 per member. Cash/Venmo works. --- Best regards! Tom, Fred, Justin and team...

Wework, 28th Street (2rd Floor)

Use the side door on 28th Street bet. Madison & Park Ave (left of “Chef 28”. There will be a glass door that says “WeWork”), New · New York, NY

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    This meetup is for value investing enthusiasts -- Graham and Buffett acolytes. We're focused on fundamentals, whether they come from wonderful companies or cigar butts. Our aim is to have a meetup once a month where a couple of people pitch an idea, and we follow it up with beers/networking. If you're interested in value investing, please join up!

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