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Regular affordable classes for women who are ready to tone up their intuition, raise their mojo, attract more money, heal their wounds and have the best chapter of their lives. Many of my classes with you are online for a nominal fee of around 10gpd a time and I visit the UK at least once a year to hold a series of classes, in Bristol and Redruth, Cornwall. My next visit is March and April 2019.

Join my massive community of superwomen and read my free daily posts of encouragement to women all over the world, via The Lucy Daily FB page or The.Lucy.Daily at Instagram. I look forward to working with you...

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See you tomorrow for Soulmates: who are they & where's my next one?

Westcountry Family Chiropractic Clinic

Drat, I'm without a ride to Penzance now, so we're moving back to Redruth with my PROFUSE apologies. I do hope you can make it. X It'll be my last night before Iceland. ALL WELCOME! Plenty of room to invite your curious friends to this one! This week, you'll be discovering the different types of soulmates, how to notice when one is on his or her way, how many you can have and how to help the process! And yes, dream cards will happen! This is my last class face to face into March 2020. After tonight, we will meet on zoom fortnightly ! As usual, please bring your notepad, pen, water and 10 pounds thank you xx

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Dream cards, Visions and psychic readings

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