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How can I become more in touch with who I really am, and how I relate to others, in 'the here and now'?

Encounter groups provide an environment where you are supported and encouraged to examine your feelings and actions in relation to yourself and others. The group experience is therefore the result of every member's contributions, and is unique each time. The role of the facilitator is only to assist and support members in their engagement and learning, and, where appropriate, to be a resource for others.

The encounter group concept was developed by the famous psychotherapist Carl Rogers and others, and is currently enjoying a revival as more people seek meaningful interactions with others, better self-knowledge, and greater authenticity as individuals.

Encounter groups can help you to:
- Grow beyond mental illness, distress or frustrations,
- Find your own solutions and fresh perspectives,

- Come to terms with events and situations,

- Recover from trauma and abuse,

- Find more meaning in life,

- Have more positive thoughts and feelings,

- Feel more open to new experiences and less anxious about the future,

- Be less vulnerable to life’s challenges, and more effective in problem-solving,

- Be more confident in how you relate to other people,

- Live by your own values, feeling more in control of your life.

Where and When?

Encounter groups will be held in the Truro area on a few weekends each year. They will involve about 6 hours on each day, ending in late afternoon. The participants' contribution for the weekend will be between £100.00 and £150.00, depending on the size of the group. Further details of specific encounter groups, dates, and venues, will be confirmed nearer the time.

For more information about encounter groups, and the person-centred approach to psychotherapy, see my Youtube channel and website:



“There is no organised encounter group. There is simply a freedom of expression - of feelings and thoughts - on any personally relevant issue.”
― ― Carl Rogers, On Encounter Groups ― ―

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