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Noctem Ludo at the Couchman Clubhouse!

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Hi there!

Please text me if you have a question I haven't answered below:[masked]. For some reason, my Meetup app doesn't push notifications properly so I don't often see Meetup messages.

My husband and I have three babies under 3 and don't want to drive far to play games all the time. We actually host a monthly game night at our church (Calvary Church, not Calvary Chapel) in Santa Ana through the Orange County Board Gamers Meetup group the first Friday of each month only because my husband's parents agreed to watch our kids on those nights. But we reeeally like board games and want adult time more than just one night each month. So we've decided to host an event the second and fourth Friday nights of each month at our home behind Corona High School.

If you're in a similar predicament, you're welcome to bring your kids to play and fall asleep. We've got a huge TV and game consoles for older kids in the living room and a baby-proof playroom for young kids close to the dining room, where we will be playing games. Our kids sleep at 7pm in their own room but we have a couple more rooms where you could bring your little kids to fall asleep (we have a pack-and-play, a couple rock-and-plays, a twin bed, and a king bed).

So we're starting this event series in February and it's cold in February. Inside our home, we can seat eight people around our dining room table and another eight on our couch around a couple large coffee tables in our living room (if we have no kids that want to use the TV). When it heats up or if we start filling wait lists, my husband and I will find outdoor heaters and open up our large deck for maybe an additional 30 people on patio furniture.

RSVPs through this app are super important! We'll try to have enough tables, chairs, and drinks on hand each Friday for all the RSVPs. If you're bringing kids, RSVP only for the adults coming and just text me with the ages of your kids. We'll come up with a plan to entertain them and a way to put them to sleep if you need.

We live at a bend in the road and there is plenty of parking on the street. No restrictions.

If you bring your dinner and eat with us, we can play longer! We'll start at 6pm for those of you who eat dinner this early or are home from work by then but you're welcome to show up as late as you'd like and jump into the next game. You're also welcome to stay as long as it takes to finish your last game (some games take several hours to play), but we'd like to ask that you not start any games after 11pm. Our kids wake early, regardless of how late their parents play games the night before.

Bring snacks and games to share. This isn't required but the more, the merrier! We'll provide ice, filtered water, lemonade, tea and hot chocolate.

We own many games (a good mix of party and strategy) but there are so many more out there! Kylan, this Meetup group's organizer, actually sells board games and has access to basically anything in print. Ask him if you're looking for a particular game and we don't have it. I'll try to create an inventory of all our games and add a link to this event as soon as I can. Post a game you'd like to bring and what time you think you'll be here in the discussion if you'd like to check if someone else is interested in playing with you before you even arrive.

Have I left anything out?

:) erica couchman