Grand Caribe Shoreline Park

    In preparation for the upcoming Ocean sail on Saturday, 6/22, I need to transport my boat on a one-way, E ticket ride and dock at Shelter Island. I could do the sail by myself but that would be less than fun so...... Who's up for a fun sail to go visit the sea lions at the bait barge and eventually end up at the public docks at the South end of Shelter Island? Whomever signs up will be responsible to either rideshare or Uber to hop onto the boat at Grand Caribe Shoreline Park and disembark at Shelter Island. I also suggest pre-positioning a vehicle at Shelter Island. Read the following directions and instructions carefully and completely. Carry a clean or unworn pair of white bottomed shoes or non-marking btleoat shoes to wear on the boat. Wear a SEPARATE pair of street shoes or flip flops (that may get wet), to walk to the boat and plan to leave them in a bin kept on the boat. Dark soled and street shoes leave track marks and bring dirt onto the boat and will not be allowed. However, if you prefer to go barefoot like I do, just leave your shoes on the dock and step aboard! Safety/orientation briefing for the entire group starts at 10:45 AM sharp and we'll depart after the briefing is over. Everybody must attend the safety/orientation briefing in order to sail. Please bring something to eat, drink or share as it brings a festive air to the sail. There is a large salon table where we can lay out all food items and there will be a cooler with ice to keep drinks cold. There is no restriction on alcohol quantity or type except red wine is only allowed in the cockpit, not in the salon. There is also a full head on the boat so you don't have to "hold" it the whole time. It is best to also dress in layers as it may be cooler if the wind picks up and if the wind slows, you can always peel off layers as it can be warmer in the sun. Captain Jack Please note that you will be required to sign a Release of Liability waiver in order to participate in this sail.


    Shelter Island Public Dock

    Let's go sail out in the ocean and maybe we'll see some interesting marine life! RSVPs open on 6/15 @ 12:00 PM. PICKUP LOCATION: SHELTER ISLAND PUBLIC GUEST DOCKS The boat will be there 1/2 hour before the posted event time for boarding and will promptly leave at the posted time. If you are late, you will literally miss the boat and hold up everyone that is on time. Please don't be late. There will be a Safety/orientation briefing for the entire group once everyone arrives and we'll cast off as soon as the briefing is over. Most guests don't get seasick as my boat is a very stable catamaran but since we will be going outside of San Diego Bay and since wind/wave conditions are usually more noticeable in the ocean, if you are prone to seasickness, I urge you to take necessary precautions. If not, please feel free to barf over the side, not in or on the boat. WHAT TO WEAR: (This is VERY IMPORTANT) CARRY CLEAN/WASHED UNWORN, WHITE OR LIGHT SOLED SHOES THAT YOU WILL WEAR ON THE BOAT. Wear street shoes to the boat and plan to put your street shoes in a box on the boat. Dark soled or street shoes leave track marks as well as bring dirt onto the boat so will not be allowed. However, if you prefer to go barefoot like I do (or just wear your socks), just take off your shoes, put them into the box and step aboard! It can get cool especially if there is a strong breeze and the boat is zipping along, so it is best to dress in layers and bring a warm and preferably wind proof coat or jacket to wear. Also, if the wind slows, the Sun can be warm, so you can always peel off laye WHAT TO BRING Please bring something to eat/drink and share as it provides a festive atmoaphere to the sailI. I will also have a large cooler filled with ice to keep any drinks that you want to keep cold. There is no restriction on what type and amount of alcohol you can bring and the boat is red wine friendly in the cockpit but NOT IN THE SALON. There is a head on the boat so you won't have to "hold" it the whole time and since it's an electric head, you won't have to pump a handle to flush either. From time to time, I get asked what food/drink items guests should bring so I've compiled a list of food/drink items that folks have brought in previous sails which all attendees enjoyed. I've posted this list in the files section of the meetup site at the following link: http://files.meetup.com/19862853/Foods%20to%20Impress%20110116.pdf See attached photos for map of where to go for the pickup location. Please provide your cell phone number privately when you RSVP so that I can reach you if there is a change of plans or something unexpected happens. I will message you privately and provide my cell number to you once I get yours. Everybody will also be required to sign a liability waiver release form before the sail and as always, my sails are free but you are welcome to leave a donation if you wish. Captain Jack