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It’s official! The Workafella Community is now equipped to slay stress with weekly yoga classes. It’s time to relieve your stress & sharpen your concentration. Learn to work with an improved mood to let your productivity hit an all time high. Here’s the perfect chance to change your work lifestyle.

Benefits of Workafella’s Corporate Yoga Program:

1. Get Flexible: Learning be to flexible for your business operations is a part and parcel of being a working professional. But what about getting physically flexible? Don’t forget about your body while you’re busy working on your intellectual assets.

2. Learn to control your emotions: Yoga keeps you calm and cool. In the midst of chaos and stress, you will learn to balance your emotions and express yourself rationally and practically.

3. Learn something new: Here’s a chance to gain a new talent. Teach your family and friends a few yoga moves over the weekend and blow their minds.

4. Be a part of something bigger: Whether it may be finding inner peace, or just ensuring you’re fit as a fiddle, our Corporate Yoga program is a community effort and it brings together people who want to improve their work lifestyles. You will be a part of this community of thinkers & doers.

5. Have fun: At the end of the day, we want to make sure you have fun while getting healthy and in shape! We assure you, you’re going to have a great time. Don’t miss out on our weekly Yoga classes.

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