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I've collected quite a few corsets over the years, but I can never figure out where to wear them! I'm inviting everyone who has the same problem to wear their corsets in a safe space, and hoping that a few of you who rock corsets on a regular basis will teach us your ways!

1. What kind of corsets are allowed? All EXCEPT waist training corsets. This is a different culture and one that I, personally, do not participate in. We're just in these corsets to get an instant shape, and then go back to the real world at the end of the day!

2. Do you need to have a corset to join? No! This is a good place to find out what kind of corset you want, and what size you should think about getting. If you do want to get a corset for the group, you can do so at any number of locations (Frederick's of Hollywood and the Renaissance Faire are good places to start) and online (amazon.com/etsy.com), but for quality assurance, I highly recommend CORSET-STORY.COM. These corsets ship from the UK, fit true to size, and most importantly WILL NOT HURT YOU. I can't vouch for any other place. PLUS, they have great sales! If you can, I recommend connecting with others to split the price of an order taking advantage of their BOG1 and BOG2 (and even BOG3) offers - that way you don't suddenly have 3 corsets (it happens...), and you can still get a get a great price.

3. How do you find a corset you want to buy? This is a detailed and personal choice - again, if you're not sure about what you want, come to a tea party and check out what others are wearing. If you want more information, message me and I can help you out!

4. Can men join this group? Yes, but only if you are wearing your own corset!

5. Why is there an age restriction on this group? While corset tops are great and can give you instant confidence, I can't condone children or teenagers 15 and under wearing corsets for 3 reasons - 1) your body isn't finished growing and wearing corsets can cause you bodily harm (even 16 is kind of pushing it). 2) again, you're not finished growing, and corsets can turn out to be big investments - you should only buy yourself a corset when you're pretty sure you're not going to grow out of it. 3) I'm concerned about encouraging younger people to wear corsets because their body image isn't fully formed psychologically - corsets can be very seductive by offering instant curves, and you may become disappointed about your normal waist size, and that's wear unhealthy body modification can begin.

IMPORTANT: For members of this group, corsets are a "hobby," and are only worn once in a while. I will NOT accept members who are proponents of waist training. These are supposed to be fun little tea parties where we can chat and feel comfortable in corsets away from the judging eyes of the world.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT drive in your corsets. I've done it. It's bad. Don't do it. We will lace up here.

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