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Facilitated by Rev. Mary Cox - LOVE OFFERING: $5.00

2013 and Beyond
ISBN[masked] - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
270 pages - $16.98
Cover art: Deb DeLisiAuthor - Lee Carroll
United States

Is it possible that we have actually turned a significant corner in the evolution of Humanity? When you look at the news and current events, does it seem extra crazy right now?

Join author/channeller Lee Carroll and Kryon as they unravel the history behind what is happening, and present the many facets of the details.

Is it possible that the entire reason for Kryon's being here is because of what we just did? Is all this too strange for you?

The Ancients foretold of this time, and it's in the Mayan Calendar as well. So what does it mean? Is everything we know and have studied going to change? What are the new "rules" of reality? Are there now new prophecies?

The answers are all here in this book. For Kryon says that this is the beginning of the New Earth.

The recalibration of self.
The recalibration of dark and light.
The recalibration of Gaia and the future
New Inventions coming...

Plus... comments and thoughts by Lee about the entire situation and his 23-year adventure as the original Kryon channel for the planet.

Lee Carroll

**We participate in book studies. Reading books of a spiritual, metaphysical nature With discussion on the topic. there is also other activities such as a YouTube or DVD that is shared with the group from time to time with information. Books available for sale @ CCOT or you are welcome to bring your own copy. Come join us! :)

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