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May 2021 COVID-19 UPDATE: In 2020 an email was sent out to Awakening Columbus advising all in-person meetups should be postponed or moved to virtual attendance only. As of May 2021, event hosts can have in person gatherings at their own safety preparations and discretion. Please direct question/concerns to the contact listed on the event if you need need more information. Thank you, and be well! Courtney

We are an LGBTQ+ BIPOC safe spiritual group that enjoys the coming together of community lightworkers sharing our journeys. We offer meditations, healing energy, and many different workshops. Come join us!

Welcome to Awakening Columbus! We are a mystical tribe that enjoys coming together as a community of seekers to share our journeys and explore the paranormal and metaphysical. We offer meditations, shamanic ceremonies, healing energy, paranormal investigations and many different workshops. Come join us! We welcome everyone and often have opportunities for you to learn and interact with others, as well as share your expertise and offerings. If you have an event or gathering you wish to share, please contact the group organizer for postings.

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Feel Better NOW - Guided Meditation, Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing (online)

Hosted by LaShawn McCrary
Weekly FREE Guided Meditation for Your Mind, Body & Soul

About this Event
This meditation will help you...
🌸Pause. Breathe. Diffuse negativity energy and any thoughts that are a disservice to your well being.
💝Restore Harmony
💞Shift your thoughts and your experiences will follow. Create the the much needed balance you're seeking.
💕Experience Self-Love
💓Re-kindle the fire between you and you!
💖Let Go

Just for a moment, release all the cares of the world and embrace this time with yourself.

Feel Better NOW!
Lighten up and allow yourself to be revitalized as you explore unknown and recall known truths to help you happily get back into the swing of things.

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/feel-better-now-guided-meditation-energy-healing-chakra-clearing-tickets-139784456071?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch

LaShawn is delighted that you've decided to join her for this amazing experience. She desires to bless your life in a powerful way and believes that each attendee will receive exactly what they need.
If you're interested in scheduling a private guided meditation session you can do so by visiting her website www.lashawnmccrary.com
She also offers intuitive readings, dream interpretations, energy healing and chakra clearings which can be scheduled on her website or go directly to her calendar.
For anyone who'd like to give a love offering for the meditation you can do so via PayPal or Cash App (ask for info)

Daily Meditation & Support (online)


Hosted by: The Buddhist Studies Institute

🌺Guided meditation support and community🌺

🌸Stabilization and Liberation:
In order to liberate our minds– we need stable calm.

🌸Consistency & Commitment:
Stabilizing in calm clear presence takes consistent training.

🌸Support & Community:
Daily Meditation is a container and support for your meditation focus.

Expand your meditation circle- join us online any day or every day!

Formerly known as 100 Days of practice to support a Tibetan Yogis tradition to practice 100 days in the winter, this has now been expanded to continue daily. To learn more and register: https://buddhiststudiesinstitute.org/daily-meditation/

Your Meditation journey continued....

The Golf Depot

Every Tuesdays, 7pm-8:15pm (EST) by Instructor Abhay

Dear Meditators

Below is the information for the upcoming meetings you can join to enhance your meditative journey with Sahaja Yoga meditation. Our classes are always free.

The upcoming sessions can be joined on a continuous basis to deepen and strengthen your meditation and cleanse any blockages.

Awaken: An Online Shamanic Healing Experience


Hosted by Jissel Ravelo
Are you looking to feel more present, empowered and purposeful?

About this Event
In this virtual experience, we pave the way to establish more authentic, profound and lasting transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, through coming together as a community. These ancient practices, teachings and inner journeys are designed to connect you back to nature, open your heart and help understand your potential. Come ready to reflect, visualize, write and share (if comfortable).
Other benefits include:
• Supporting your ability to create positive life changes
• Increasing inner power and confidence
• Expanding your sense of wholeness and well-being
• Promoting a stronger connection to a spiritual source and soul purpose
• Changing limiting or negatives beliefs
• Balancing the mind for clarity and enhanced intuition
• Helping to feeling more present and stable in life
The following is recommended: a quiet and comfortable space, a blanket and pillow, water, and a journal. Optional tools (if available): sage, palo santo, florida water, favorite essential oil, crystals, stones and a candle.

Any donation amount is appreciated, we accept donations up to $30 per group session.

Looking forward to supporting you!

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/awaken-a-shamanic-healing-experience-tickets-133927732453?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch

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Daily Meditation & Support (online)


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