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Cloud services can have a 35% underutilization rate in the absence of effective management, as resources are oversized and left idling. Companies are wasting over 40% per year on unutilized cloud services. This amounts to over $10B of the $22B spent on AWS services last year. In the course of regular cloud operations, resources can be abandoned and accrue charges without contributing value.

Companies report that in tracking down anomalous cost spikes alone, engineering and technical operations teams spend about 30% of their total time. This is time that teams are not spending innovating and doing what they do best, and this is time that teams have management and finance teams anxious and wondering why the problem wasn't resolved yesterday.

We believe that by leveraging Machine Learning and AI, these utilization numbers can be improved dramatically. Engineers and tech ops teams should have their time to themselves and they need the right tools to get people off their backs and make their lives easier. Finance teams and AWS budget owners should be enabled to understand how money is being spent on AWS, plan for future AWS spend, and optimize their AWS infrastructure to maximize cost savings.

You’ll enjoy our Meetup group if saving time, money, and headaches are on your priority list. Here you'll learn all about how you can keep people off your back and make your life easier with the right tools and solutions in place.

You might even learn a few secrets you didn't know about managing and optimizing your cloud infrastructure and day-to-day operations for your own purposes ;)

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