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This is a group specifically for those who are interested and committed to ultimately save a lot of time, a lot of money in the long run, and a lot of energy by learning the principles behind success, health, and happiness. We will look mainly at what scientific research shows is important to achieving these goals. By doing this we avoid going after the wrong goals, ones that we believe will bring us success but in reality takes us away from our true goals of health and happiness. Pleased to meet you, I am a doctor who experienced this myself in so many areas of my life, and then personally went on to spend a lot of time studying these principles. Now I want to help people in a truly impactful way that is often overlooked by traditional medicine.I am doing this because I want to go deeper and I want to help prevent the physical health problems that often manifest due to existing problems outside the body if they are left unaddressed. Think of this group as a GPS for life. But the group will be light and friendly and fun. Come just to hang out with friends and enjoy some interesting discussion. Our topics will vary but the two goals are the same, health and happiness as the basis of success.

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Orange County Happiness Meetup- Battling Negativity

19200 Von Karman Ave

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