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This is a a group intended solely for those of you that have dogs that are post-operative, calm, and/or senior pups.
The reason that I am starting this group is due to the fact that I myself have a post-operative, senior dog that needs to be re-socialized.
Full disclosure... my pup is 9 years old he can be yappy as he is a pomeranian. At times he can be disruptive because he gets extremely timid and anxious after his 2 neck surgeries and 1 back surgery in the past 1 1/2 years (IVDD). I would love to get him out there again to talk to pups again and not be so afraid. He does not attack because he is too weak, cannot be jumped on because of his fragile state, but does get shy, anxious, and loud around other dogs due to his timid and fearful state. If this will bother you, or anyone in the group please note that this group would not be for you. I just want a group that will help me and support him, and others in similar situations through this to give them the happiest life possible. During the walks that we take he can only walk for 10 minutes maximum (orders from neurologist), so I usually have to put him back in his stroller (carriage) to continue the walk.
Please note that this group is not for hyper, or active dogs as this is exclusively for senior, disabled, and post operative pups that are needing to get reacquainted and make friends. If you have a big dog, please make sure that they are non-confrontational and will not jump on smaller dogs.

Warm regards,
Romeo's mom

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