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My mom and I started an annual mother/daughter trip many years ago. We found we had a common interest in exploring more remote parts of the world. Wildlife plays a big part in our destination choices. Immersive experiences into the local cultures to learn not just about them, but also about ourselves are very important to us. Our mother/daughter trips have grown into taking family and friends, and thought it would be fun to expand and meet new people that enjoy similar experiences. It's fun to share the world! We plan very special custom adventures. This year took us by surprise, so we are going to make up for it next year! We spend several months planning the perfect destinations, the best time of year to travel, researching and finding the best private guides taking care of us, the lodging for location and the experience, and always making sure each one feels like the “journey of a lifetime”!

We believe travel feeds the soul. It is emotional, humbling, educational, and life enriching to step into cultures so diverse from our own. No matter our age we can continue to grow and evolve as we stretch our legs and step into far away places. We welcome other mothers and daughters, couples, friends and single travelers to join us. No age restrictions unless it is dictated by an age requirement for where we are traveling to. Our trips are active but so much that the average person has no problem participating.

We have three major trips upcoming for 2021. Africa is one of our favorite destinations. We have been several times and continue to return. Next years trip I believe is one of our best ever, and we are very excited. Egypt and Antarctica also in 2021. It's time to get out and explore the world.

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We've seen Galapagos Virtually, Let's make it real!

Galapagos Islands

My first mother daughter trip was to the Galapagos. At the time, I had never snorkeled and wasn't sure I even had interest in going but it was top on my mom's bucket list so I said let's go. I am so glad I did. It is an amazing and peaceful journey that I still 5 years later think about and smile. I have been a lot of places since but look forward to going back to where we started our adventurous trips in 2022. Come join my mom and I and discover what you have been missing or experience it again :). Details are here: https://www.itsagreatdaytotravel.com/GroupRegistrations/view/94386

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Let's Play Pickleball in the Caribbean!

Sandals South Coast

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