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In the heart of LA’s Fashion District, Vixen DeVille will lead an interactive workshop exploring your inner burlesque character, before learning the tricks of the trade in crafting your own costume pieces to bring your character to life.

Whether you’re just looking for a new and rewarding way to express yourself artistically, or are seeking the freedom in the ability to tailor items for your own performance, Vixen will guide you, step by step, in creating stage-worthy pieces with zero experience.

Workshop includes a tour of the best places to source fabric and trims as well as access to Vixen’s own treasure trove to embellish and customise your items. From pasties to bras, to embellishing corsets and gloves, to creating fantasy accessories; wings, crowns, headpieces and even larger more lavish projects - you will be limited only by your imagination!

Workshop includes access to:

Glue Guns
Hot Fix Wands
Sewing Machine
Fastenings and Hardware
Embellishment jewels, crystals and rhinestones

WORKSHOP LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS - So Please make sure you have booked your tickets at https://www.vixendeville.com/classes/costume-creation-workshop/

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