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Co-Ed FUTSAL, East Millcreek, 1st Session (6:00 - 8:00pm)

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18 people went

Christ United Methodist Church

2375 East 3300 South · East Millcreek, UT

How to find us

Enter on North side of 3300 South and drive behind building. Gym on West Side.

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IF YOU ARE ON THE WAIT LIST, IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK AGAIN AT 3pm ON GAME DAY TO SEE IF YOU MADE THE GAME. If you make the game and are not there, you will be issued a No-Show Yellow Card. If you can't check, don't put yourself on the wait list. NO CRASHERS (that includes "Maybes") IF RSVPs ARE FULL!!!!!! You will be turned away! Please, ONLY YES RSVPS. We field 3 teams of 6/side, 5v5 on the court at a time (1 substitute). Sub every 4 minutes! Play 2 games, sit 1, play 2, sit 1, rinse, repeat. We play 8 minute mini-games on small goals. We are playing without Keepers this week.

6:00pm Start Time! Bring flat soled non-scuffing shoes, and a Green shirt, White shirt, and Orange shirt, so we can match up even squads. Futsal is a short sided game played with a size 4 ball (smaller than outdoor), and the ball barely bounces. The result is a primarily surface based game, with short passes.

The ball not bouncing makes it VERY difficult to kick the ball with any power, most would be hard pressed to kick it the length of a basketball court in the air! Many that play Futsal enjoy it even more than outdoor soccer! After playing Futsal a while, your outdoor game will be vastly improved, especially your ball striking! Playing slots are given to Paid RSVPs FIRST, in priority over crashers. Also know that we have a STRICT RSVP policy due to a cap on the # of players we can accommodate at our indoor facilities. We are more strict on RSPVs for our indoor games, please be respectful of the policy and your fellow players. NO CRASHERS IF WE HAVE A FULL GAME!!! Also, players that no-show are put on probation (you'll not play a few weeks), a 2nd no-show within a year puts you out of the indoor games! When a player no-shows, it leaves us shorthanded at the game, so please be considerate of those that want to play but can't because of the slot you reserved with your "YES" RSVP. Also, because of the limited # of slots, crashers almost never going to play unless someone gets injured. So please do not bring a guest unless they are RSVPed pre-game. Also, please do not show up late, nor leave early, for the same reasons. If you can't be here the whole time, just let someone else play instead! Lastly, if we have back to back sessions on the calendar, please do NOT sign up for both games. Players: Please do NOT come into the gym with the shoes you wore outside, it drags snow, salt, and sand into the gym! Please change shoes in the hallway. I'll be HANDING THE BROOM to anyone that comes into the gym with wet shoes (I'm not kidding!). Show respect for your fellow players (so they do not get hurt slipping on a wet spot), and for the Church that is allowing guests (us) to use their facilities! Please do not risk us losing this gym!

Lastly, if we have 2 consecutive sessions, do NOT sign up for both sessions, choose one or the other. If you play in the first and there is room in the 2nd you can stay, but we want everyone to have an opportunity to play.