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Wednesday Night @ Rip Current Brewing
We are back at Rip Current Brewing on a Wednesday. The bar has plenty of outlets just behind it, and, as long as we have cords long enough to reach, we can take over any TV not otherwise being used or watched. Games definitely available will be Duck Game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Gang Beasts. Please note that the TVs have USB and HDMI ports only; anything else will need an adapter.

Rip Current Brewing North Park

4101 30th Street · San Diego

What we're about

Welcome to Couch Conflict, a group for casual and competitive players to regularly play great local multiplayer titles with, both cooperative and not-so-cooperative. No experience required!

Local multiplayer games are games played on the same screen with people sitting right next to you. This was traditionally a genre for consoles (before online gaming), but the genre has grown tremendously on PC in recent years. A familiar term of the genre is "couch co-op", which refers to the cooperative local multiplayer subgenre. Those games will be welcome and loved in the community, and this group is going to also include the not-so-co-operative side of the genre. For lack of an established name for this subgenre, I am calling it Couch Conflict.

The general purpose of this group is meeting up and playing to have a good time. As the group grows, tournaments or leagues for specific competitive titles may become feasible.

Certain titles of the genre, such as Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. installments, have huge followings, with large communities and regular tournaments in several parts of the United States. Titles like Brawlhalla, ClusterPuck 99, Divekick, Gang Beasts, Lethal League, Nidhogg, Paperbound, Samurai Gunn, Towerfall, SpeedRunners and Starwhal all have many fans, and occasional events, but the communities which form for these games tend to be small, and their members separated geographically.

One goal of this Meetup group is to gather the San Diegan members of these groups, and offer an environment for them to play their favorite local multiplayer games and try other people's favorites. Another goal is to introduce these games to people who have never experienced them. Many are very easy to pick up, and the rounds are quick, which really broadens the groups of people who will have fun playing these games. Plus, who doesn't want to play as narwhals, in space, fencing each other? Or as Pillsbury-dough-boy-like ragdoll characters wrestling each other on top of moving trucks on a freeway? Every title is unique, and I'm betting there's something for you.

Friendly competition is to be expected, and friendships and rivalries alike are sure to be born.

Developers, this is a welcome environment for you to share any local multiplayer work you have, too. Please just message/post ahead of time if you want to bring something to share with the group.

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