What we're about

Council Of Lightworkers-Psychic & Spiritual Development is a group for the beginners and the advanced in developing their psychic abilities.

Anyone that wants to learn how to start opening up their psychic abilities or has already opened their psychic abilities are welcome here.

Anyone that wants to increase their spirituality and raise their energetic vibrations are welcome here...

All practitioners are welcome too!

How will you benefit from attending our workshops?

You will learn:
How to meditate
How to open psychic abilities
How to increase your spirituality
How to raise your energetic vibrations
How to channel spirit guides and angels
How to deal with and remove energy vampires

The best way to benefit is to attend ALL workshops because each workshop is put in its place like a puzzle piece which follows a divine plan that I channeled from my Angels and guides. This divine angelic map is what have come to be known as...
“The Angel Art Diaries “.

Where are the workshops held?

Facebook Live - In Person Group Workshops - YouTube Live - Instagram Live - And other types of venues and events

This group DOES NOT Judge or separate ourselves from
Another. We are all one and we hold a ZERO tolerance level for any type
Of Racism regardless of religion, spiritual preference, lifestyle, sexuality/LGBTQ or any other type of judgment that can separate.
All are welcome here!

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Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts

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