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*** Please note: this meetup is intended for developers with at least a few years of experience. If you're a new dev, this meetup was built for you:



Anti-patterns shall not pass!

Being a dev can mean big questions and big problems - this meetup is for mid / senior level developers who want answers! We'll talk about the big issues in making software, and grow wiser together.

But we will NOT take ourselves too seriously! The opinions might be strong, but we'll always treat fresh ideas with respect and a sense of playfulness.

(Junior developers are not prohibited, but please keep in mind that we might not be able to catch you up to speed on some topics)

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Correctly (ha) Interviewing Engineers, Estimating Delivery Times

We're going to discuss two more topics crucial to the dev's every day that still cause problems: -How to evaluate other developers as you interview them -How to estimate time The proliferation of engineering talent startups proves this issue isn't universally solved. And just because you're doing agile sprints doesn't mean that you can escape setting expectations in terms of time. We'll drink beer, eat pizza, and ponder these meaty questions together. Speakers to be announced soon!

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