What we're about

We meet to have meaningful and rationale discourse, think, re-think and share our opinions and try to reach a ruling over it. We discuss to build a collective argument by presenting criticism courteously and also accommodating, if reasonable, it in our opinions with generosity.

We take topics from all aspects of life, touch on comical notes and as well as evaluate things deeper than oceans levels.


1. Discussion or sharing of any item that relates to the subjects which are considered sensitive or are prohibited by the law of UAE are strictly forbidden.

2. Please respect the integrity of this group and privacy of all the members, it is highly discouraged to message any member individually outside this group unless a consent is available in priori. In case of a complaint the violating member will be removed and reported.

3. Please be respectful to all members and ideas during discussion, where beautiful minds like all yours are at work heated debates can be foreseen but maturity is having a debate within the boundaries. Ad Hominem is sin, thou shalt not commit.

4. Beside few strict restrictions mentioned above to keep a required discipline, I welcome you all to please be as expressive as you can while sharing your opinions.

5. I voluntarily manages the finances and administrative tasks of these MeetUps but I don’t always want to take a role of dictating things here, please feel free to roll on your own, unhesitatingly let me know when something from my end is required.

6. Never be doubtful of making a bold statement or asking a question that at first you believe is stupid. The whole point of making a conscious thought community like CCT is to let us express our minds out beyond the social conformity walls. So please express not suppress and never judge!

7. Feel free to say whatever you want in your choice of words, ignore the jargons when required. Communication is best in simple and plain words.

8. As being a sleeping member of dozens of WhatsApp group myself, I understand that every time you might not want to be involved but sometimes we do get a eureka moment and a thought in mind, so I request that whenever you have that moment just put the thought here to fire up a discussion. I will also bug you on and off for participation but please don’t take it as a compulsion or offense, this is just to give you gateway into the conversations.

9. There is no minimum participation requirement for the group and hard and fast rule to remove members based on that but if a member is continuously inactive here as well as not attending meetups also, so I will consider removing them under the pretext that they don’t want to be a part of the group anymore and also their silent presence might be unsettling for other members also.

To inquire or discuss feel free to connect at: https://www.facebook.com/CouncilOfCriticalThinkers

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