What we're about

Council of the Four Directions

A gathering together of community to give and receive healing to one another and the community at large for the purpose of:

-sharing ideas, stories, dreams and gifts;

- to create and to celebrate;

- and to honor spirit and between us to find the wisdom to proceed on a path of peacemaking.

Council is composed of all the members of the community; both living and non-living, visible and invisible, human and non-human: The people, trees, plants, animals, stones and the elements. When all the beings gather council will come to be.

This is an opportunity to share dreams and visions and to collaborate with others across boundaries of ethnicity, gender and skin color. The form council takes will depend on the needs of all participants. Council will aid us in receiving guidance from Spirit in times of trouble and also allow for giving thanks for the good times in our lives. It is an opportunity to share messages from the spirits of our ancestors and the ancestors of the land upon which we live. Council will teach us how to handle life as directed by spirit. Dream sharing and storytelling are essential to achieving this goal. We will welcome each and everyone who feels drawn by spirit to join in this gathering together of community.

Take Care. Blessings.