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Open Bioinformatics: Exploring the Genome

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This is the first installment in 'hackathons' where we will design parts for the glowingplant ( project. [See the East Bay Express Article on glowingplant ( this weekend!]

We'll have a 45 minute talk about Arabidopsis thaliana - perhaps the most common plant model in biology - and look at the genome data. We're not going to talk about how the glowing plant will work tonight. Sorry there's not enough time!

Then we'll break into teams and work for the rest of the evening exploring the data and making steps toward making some parts for glowing plants and iGEM!

Last time some folks asked for some pre-reading. If you can install python on your laptop that would be great - we'll find a way to get people started if they aren't ready to do this themselves.

If you are looking for a biopython introduction This YouTube video ( will be a good deal of what we want to do during the meetup. (thanks Felicia!)