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Techonomy Bio is a big-picture exploration of the transformative global social and economic benefits driven by the rapid advances being made in the biological and life sciences. Powered by IT developments and spurred on by new collaborative and open-source thinking, these advances affect everything from manufacturing to medicine, food to fuel and business to buildings.

We’ll explore the continued growth of digital health; how big data and the life sciences are combining to feed a growing global population; bio-fabrication and manufacturing; construction and architecture; longevity; ethics; business; industrial biosciences; privacy; policy; security; and more. We’ll also address what this all means for industries, for government and regulators, for investors and ultimately, for us.

Our inaugural meeting in 2014 was instructional, and eye-opening. Speakers like Drew Endy of Stanford University, Andrew Hessel of Autodesk, Steve Jurvetson of DFJ, Eri Gentry of IFTF, Nancy Kelley of NJKA, Stewart Brand of the Long Now Foundation, Floyd Romesberg of the Scripps Institute, Beth Seidenberg of KPCB, and more shed light on the remarkable, transformative progress that is accelerating every day in and because of the life sciences.

Join us at Techonomy Bio, where we will bring together cross-sector leaders from biotech, IT, science, healthcare, pharma, agriculture, academia, finance and the synthetic bio community for an open and dynamic dialogue on the fast moving ideas, solutions and opportunities generated by the growing confluence of tech, bio and business.

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