Theoretical Neuroscience with John Jameson

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John Jameson presents his current research concerning how the brain might represent coherent entities.

MOVED to Tuesday April 7th to avoid conflict with the book club meeting.


My current research is based on the premise that the discovery of objects/concepts and relations are fundamental to the development of all brains, from insects to humans. This is in opposition to a rather common view that insects, such as flies, e.g., just react to coarse visual patterns. In this talk I will briefly cover the state of the art in neural networks for the detection of multiple objects in a scene, and then present some details on my idea of “object oriented neural networks.” I start from first principles, primarily that of persistence. Such networks entail the binding of internally represented objects with each other and with their sensory antecedents. I will also briefly introduce a potential global measure for self-organization based on such binding.

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