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Are you prepared for your "Happily Ever After?" Join us and learn new and exciting ways to connect with your partner through compassion and empathy.

As a couple we need to proceed into the future with a new mind, letting go of all the pre-conceptions that have been poured into our mind by society and the collective experiences of our pasts. The Inner voice we listen to is composed of the knowledge we have gained through our experiences combined with societies prejudices of gender rolls and expected behavior.

As a couple we need to establish a common goal, common dream, and a common love story to build our foundation upon. With any given situation we will evaluate it and act upon it based upon our inner voice which is composed of prejudices, fears, and our past experiences. We will gage how we react against that dynamic.

We hope to give you the tools to write a new script; a new path to follow as a couple and insure that you are the unique authors of your own love story.

-Brett Reece

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