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The Couples Wine and Dinner Club is a not too fancy ,not too casual club , that wants you to enjoy yourself and get to know people you may not have otherwise ever met. People connecting over shared interests ; sharing a meal is an intimate thing and the bonding is amazing . It's a club full of a wide range of ages that brings guests from all backgrounds together.

On occasion , the Organizer will suggest that we go out to one of fabulous restaurants in the heart of San Jose , and around the surrounding town areas . Often it's a casual restaurant and once in awhile , we dress to impress at an upscale venue. Most of the time , we have a home cooked dinner at someones home.

When we welcome friends in our homes , we want them to feel like family , not like random guests in a strangers home . The environment is easy going , warm and genuine ; giving friends the opportunity to connect with each other.

Our home dinners are tasty and unique . You don't have to impress anyone and cook like a famous chef . We don't mind if you keep it simple with casseroles or slow cooker meals . Even a potluck or a Barbeque would work. You don't have to "Wow" your guests. Theme dinners are always fun , be creative.

Sit at a table together with people you have never met before, and be served by someone who simply loves to host .

If you're a couple who enjoys cooking a home made dinner , or on occasion when the organizer schedules going out to a restaurant , we look forward in having you dine with us !

We believe in good friends , tasty food , big glasses of wine , flickering candles and lots of laughter.

Good Meals, Good Company , Good Times.

REQUIRED When you Join :

All Members are Required to upload a Couples Photo upon Joining this Club. If you do not have a couples photo you will not be accepted as a member and will be removed. Photos of animals , landscapes , etc. are not accepted.

Couples Attending A Dinner at a Members Home :

The Host cooks the dinner and the couples bring the wine ! * The value price and the selection of your bottle should be a good choice .

If the Host is having a Potluck , then the host in in charge . Couples are required to bring a food dish and a bottle of wine to pot luck dinners . Potluck Dinner information can be found below #4.

Please let Her/ Him know what you plan on bringing .

Couples Wine and Dinner Club Policies :

* Attending : We request that when you RSVP to Attend a dinner at a Restaurant or at a Members Home that you are serious in committing on going . Restaurants require the organizers to reserve a table in advance. The Host spends time preparing and cooking a dinner in their home in knowing you will be present at their table. Note - Only The Organizer can structure a dinner event . Of course , restaurant suggestions from couples are always welcomed .

* Two Strike ( 2 ) Rule / " No Show " : We give you Two ( 2 ) Strikes . If you step out of your RSVP within eight hours of an event you are marked as a "No Show" . If you repeat this again as a "No Show " -Two ( 2 ) times you are Removed from this group .

*Note * If you sign up to attend a dinner and then just don't "Show Up'", with out contacting the Organizer with an explanation ; you will Automatically Be Removed From the Couples Wine and Dinner Club.

Couples are required to host a dinner every 3 to 5 months after hosting a dinner at their home . The amount of couples that attend your dinner will gain you additional Dinner Points to Attend other dinners at couples homes . Couples can host dinners sooner than 3 to 5 months to gain more Dinner points.

Removal from the club : The rules are simple and fair to every couple in the club. If you Do Not Host you Next dinner within 3 to 5 months of time , you will be removed from the Couples Wine and Dinner Club and will not be able to rejoin .

Questions about the Club :

1) Can We Attend a Dinner Before I host ?

Yes. You Must Commit to Hosting Your First Dinner and schedule the date & time with one of the Organizers Before you can Attend your First Dinner .

If you want to attend a 3rd, or 4th Before you host , you must pay $ 35 per couple, at least 1 week IN Advance as well as bringing your bottle of wine to that 3rd. or 4th. dinner. This is done by clicking on the Chip In button at the left of the Couples Wine and Dinner Club Meetup page, and following the instructions for We Pay.

2 ) How do you Host a Dinner ?

When you Join the Club you are Agreeing to Host your first Dinner for three or more couples. The Time and Location for your Dinner should be Scheduled with one of the Organizers within 3 weeks of joining the Club. You must Host your first dinner within Four Months of joining the club.

The Host Provides the Dinner and the Couples Attending Bring The Wine .

The Hosting list Rotates through the members . If you would like to attend a dinner before you host ; read the information below .

When you Host a Dinner ,you earn credits towards attending dinners at other members homes in the near future .

For example ; If you Host a Dinner and Three couples attend ( not including yourselves ), then you will have earned : Three Credits for you and your partner to Attend Three Dinners .

Four or more Couples that Attend your dinner will earn you : Four Credits for you and your partner to Attend Four Dinners.

3) What is the time frame for using my credits to Attend another members dinners ?

Six Months.

4 ) Can I Host a Potluck Dinner or A Brunch ?


Requirements for Hosting a Potluck or A Brunch :

Potluck : The Host makes the Main Dish. Each Attending Couple brings a side dish and a bottle of wine that complements the main dish or theme. If there is a repeat of the same selection , you will be asked by the host to bring another type of dish.

** A Pot Luck OR A Brunch - Earns the Hosts ONE Credit to Attend ONE Dinner at another Couples Home , Regardless of how many couples attend .

Seeing that when you host a Potluck you 're just providing a place for members to socialize and you are not cooking a full dinner menu ; and members are bringing food and beverages .

** Members Attending a Potluck OR A Brunch : None of Your Dinner Credits are Required to be used when Attending a Potluck OR A Brunch ; due to the fact that you are bringing Food and Wine to a Potluck.

5 ) Can I Host a Theme Dinner ?

Yes, we encourage you to be creative ; consider picking a dinner "theme night ", ( i.e. Italian , French ,Seafood Night ,Asian Fusion, Indian , Fall Harvest or even a barbeque.

6 ) How do I publish my dinner for members to attend ?

It's Easy ! Think of you're dinner as an invitation . So you need to compose it .

*Title of your dinner .

* Friendly description .

* Your Menu

* Date and Time

* The Town that you live in /cross streets

* The Number of Guest that you could seat.

After you put everything together on how you would like it to be published on the main page , send that information via private message to one of the organizes. Then your dinner is posted for members to view . Don't worry ,if you have any changes to your description , just let us know.

Your address will not be in visible as we respect your privacy. Please send your home address to one of the organizers . Your home location will be sent to attending members through one of the organizers the week of the event through private messages.

7) Can We Attend a Dinner after we used our credits ?

Yes. Same as above see question 1)

8) Organizer -" Surprise Bonus Credits ", these events can not be scheduled by couples within the club . The "Surprise Bonus Credits " are special events that only the Organizer can add on the calendar . It's a fun way to add 1 -extra dinner point to attend 1 dinner at another couples home . By attending the "Surprise Bonus Credit " events ; you gain 1 point and Don't lose 1 dinner point for attending .

Some of the events will take place at a venue , such as a winery , picnic , hiking , beach , and more . Also it could be a dinner at the organizers home with a additional of something fun to do , like a Wine Tasting and Dinner , In house Dinner and a movie night , Dinner and board games and so on . The Organizer fun Surprise Bonus Credits are not frequently on the calendar but every so often when they appear , RSVP to secure your spots and gain 1 -Extra Dinner Credit !

* Remember , the Hosting List Rotates through members.

This is a couples club . No Swingers are Allowed .

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