What we're about

This is a group for couples who are 20s-early30s. We are looking to find a group of friends that are in the same place in life as us! Happy hours, wine tasting, hikes, dinners, and other laid back events that aren't a big ordeal is what we are striving for!

While we don't want to make this a group that is run by rules and regulations, we do ask that all members be respectful of everyones views, beliefs, and most importantly time. Scott and I both work full-time, have family in the area, and do a great deal of traveling (both personal and for work) and can not always promise that we can make every single event. We are very open to ALL members taking part in the planning of events and do not want events to be canceled due to Scott and I not being able to attend.

With that being said- we do have ONE rule: If you RSVP that you will attend an event and are then a no show and/or cancel within 1 hour of the event 3 times, you will be kicked out of the group. We want this to be fun and relaxed- not wondering what happened to you! If an emergency comes up (which they do), please comment on the event or send a direct message to let us know whats going on!

For the past few months, we have noticed that we will have many RSVP's to an event and then over the days leading up to it, most people will cancel. While we understand that things come up and you won't always be able to attend every event; we do ask that you respect not just our time, but also your fellow members time. We all are part of this group for the same reason- to meet new people and maybe (hopefully!) find some new friend. Oddly enough, it is impossible to meet anyone new if no one attends the events! Please plan ahead so that you can attend events and meet other couples looking for the same things! We have already meet some of our best friends through this group and can't wait to make some more amazing friends!

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Hops & Scotch

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Mike Hess Brewery

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