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Costs (of dynamic memory) and debt (of the technical kind)

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Phil N. and 2 others
Costs (of dynamic memory) and debt (of the technical kind)


This month we welcome Ivica Bogosavljevic to discuss the cost of dynamic memory, and Alex Omeyer with a shorter talk about technical debt.


19:00 Phil Nash - "Intro and news"

19:10 Alex Omeyer - "How to deal with tech debt - Lessons learned from 200+ engineering teams"

I have interviewed 200 top engineering teams to learn the perfect process to manage technical debt. In this talk, I will share my learnings: tactics, processes, and tools to use when dealing with small, medium, and large pieces of tech debt, and the approach you can take depending on your company’s stage, size, business priorities, and culture.

19:30 Ivica Bogosavljevic - "The price of dynamic memory in C/C++"

For most C/C++ developers, working with dynamic memory comes down to using new/malloc and delete/free functions. However, when your program's speed is important, you will need to rethink the way you are using these functions and how you are organizing your data in memory. We will investigate how memory allocation and memory access patterns influence the speed of your programs and what you can do to speed them up.

21:00 End of talks - socialising in Remo


About the speakers:

Ivica is an Application Performance Specialist working in the industry for 10 years. His professional focus is application performance improvement - techniques used to make your C/C++ program run faster by using better algorithms, better exploiting the underlying hardware, and better usage of the standard library, programming language, and the operating system.
He is also founder of the Johny's Software Lab LLC ( performance consulting company that helps software development companies deliver fast software.

Alex Omeyer is a Co-founder & CEO at Stepsize, a tool for engineering teams to manage technical debt. Alex spends most of his time speaking to the best software development teams in the world about how they handle technical debt and sharing this knowledge with the community.

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