Winter Beer Tasting - February

Akron Area Beer Lovers
Akron Area Beer Lovers
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· Hudson, OH

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We are pushing this out again (hopefully last one)!
Actual location will be posted in the comments below in March.

In a nutshell, come, bring a bottle or two of Craft beer, if you like (not required!), pay a $10 corkage fee to the location, and then have unlimited craft beer samples and fun! That's all. RSVP now. Read below for details ONLY if you need to know more. :-)

Please feel free to tell friends and bring guests. The more the merrier!

####!!!Feel free to bring your own 3-6 oz glass if you like. This will help you keep track of your beer) ####

Please note: Tasting glasses are provided, but PLEASE return them!

If you've never been our "bottle share", it's like a mini Beer Festival! This event allows us a venue to bring in beer to share with each other.


For people who are new to Craft Beer: IF you're not comfortable bringing beer, you don't have to! The people who would benefit most from a beer tasting, (people new to Craft Beer), may feel uncomfortable selecting a beer to bring; and those who do want to bring beer are passionate about sharing. Win win!


If you are NOT bringing beer, just pay the $10 corkage fee and get ready for your tastebuds to go on Safari! We'll be your cheerful guide!

If you ARE bringing beer, Bring 1-2 large bottles or[masked] oz bottles of the same beer. You will still pay the $10 corkage fee, but you will also receive praise and inner joy for your generosity. Sharing is awesome! Bring beer you're passionate about, bring beer you're curious about; just bring beer you want to either try or share. There's no rules and no judgment (although bringing out of state Craft beer may get you handshakes or hugs. Someone may shed a tear).

There is a fee of $10 to participate when you arrive. Why $10? This pays for the "rental" of the space, and they clean up after us.