Bet Yer Bottom Bingo with Craft Captain JP!

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Okay so... This is your Craft Captain speaking, and yes, I do hold CraftNight EVERY Wednesday at Akbar. But ONCE a month, I call bingo, it's called "Bet Yer Bottom Bingo" and it's lots of fun! Here's more info in case you wanna give it a whirl:

Tropic like it’s HOT, it’s the height of summer and you’re all so
Barbe-CUTE we just gotta get you in here so we can relish your pickles!!!! This July Bingo is HOT DOG THEMED because it’s National Hot Dog Month and come on… it’s a gay bar. We really LIKE hot dogs.

• SIX Buns Out Bingo Games just $1 per bingo card!
• Akbar bartenders, up in yer GRILL with frosty beverages!
• JP Binguera hot doggin’ the numbers on the ballz
• Ms. Broughton ball handler, let’s be frank, she’s a pro!
• Marie the Pit Boss, if you call bingo and you’re not a weiner, she’ll burn yer buns!
• Big beefy boozy prizes of summer joy!

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