Building engaging voice tech and the politics of tool shaming

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Drinks on Arrival
Welcome and Introduction
How to build an engaging voice skill - Mike Plachta, Richard Downs - Applause
Pizza and Refreshments
Bro, you even code? - The politics of tool shaming - James Seconde

How to build an engaging voice skill
Voice is becoming a more and more popular interface. It's much more natural for humans than a screen and a keyboard. In the US over a third of the population is already using voice assistants and we see that trend spreading across Europe fast. But building an engaging voice skill is not an easy task and many companies invest time and money only to learn that customers are abandoning their skills right after downloading them.
In the presentation, I'm going to answer the following questions:
- Why does that happen and how to avoid that?
- How to create an engaging voice skill?
- How to test your skills at scale?
- What are the common mistakes made when developing the skills?

Bro, you even code? - The politics of tool shaming
We've all heard it: "What?! You're using X framework/language/tool? You must suck at programming!"
We work in jobs rife with debate and discussion, where it's essential to give and take advice; some good, some bad. In this talk I'll delve into what's harmful about shaming, what's constructive and how we need to think about what we want for our future as an industry.