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Crafty Girl classes are an opportunity to relax, create, and make new friends. Plus, we partner with great local businesses for the best snacks while we craft.

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Galaxy Constellation Light Art

Cafe Creme


I cannot wait to make these! They've been in my concept list forever. First, we will hand paint a beautiful galaxy on canvas, then we will use fairy string lights to create a custom piece of light art in a constellation pattern or your very own zodiac stars!

New Year, New Hopes - A Mini Retreat

Cafe Creme


Its time for another mini-retreat... an opportunity to breathe and reflect on where we are and where we want to be. The first portion of the day will involve guided meditation, journaling, and sharing, to help us get a clear idea of hopes and goals for the new year. This may be inner growth, expanding business, creating more physical health... each goal will be specific to each of your lives. We will take a short break to reset. The second part of our workshop will consist of creating a assemblage-art vision board representing what we want to manifest. It will serve as a daily graphic reminder to inspire and motivate us toward that thing we are wanting and needing. Journals, art supplies, and anything else needed is included, just bring yourself in whatever space you are that day ❤ Seating is limited, so grab a ticket while you can. If you want company, this would make a very loving christmas gift for someone close to you. Our yearly vision board workshop has become a magical tradition, and I can't wait for the warmth and love that always happens. What a perfect way to kick of the new year!

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Painted Rock Owl Plaques

Cafe Creme


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