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What we're about

The School of Inner Health is a holistic educational organization committed to quality instruction in a supportive, relational, and dynamic environment. Our classes are body centered, diverse and experiential. All our courses are taught from a biodynamic perspective. You can learn more about the biodynamic theory and approach here (https://www.schoolofinnerhealth.org/what-is-biodynamics/).

Our mission at the School of Inner Health is to provide high-quality, body-centered instruction that supports students in facilitating healing in themselves and others. We teach students how to develop embodied biodynamic skills of presence and relationship with the aim of cultivating both effective practitioners of bodywork and effective people in the world.

Our greater vision is a world where all life is valued and people live in alignment with their purpose and essential nature.

Our educational strategy is to:

Offer an authentic, supportive and diverse learning environment in which students are immersed in a relational field rather than a demand-driven field.

Teach the material in a way that it is embodied, includes the felt sense and builds confidence.

Assist students in shifting their attention and perception from dis-ease to the primacy of the Health and Intelligence that is always present in themselves and in their clients.

Teach the skills necessary to create capacity, connection and comprehension, and help clients turn their wounds into tools that can be of service to others.

Train students to cultivate presence — the capacity to be with whatever is present no matter how challenging — through the skill of neutral, body-centered awareness.

Honor the depths of what students already understand and structure all our classes to help them access the depths of their instinctual wisdom.

All Craniosacral Therapists who have completed at least 35 hours of training are welcome to attend our Monthly mentoring gatherings on the second Tuesday of each month. This 3 hour supervision session includes lecture, discussion and table time with instructor guidance. The cost is $60 per session.

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