What we're about

This group is for people to meet together and appreciate all things whisky.
For a general get together and share a dram!
Bring a bottle nights
For anyone who wants to share whisky with like minded people or just wants to find out more about the water of Life (Uisge beatha)

There is no such thing as a bad whisky. Some whisky's just happen to be better than others.

The group is free to join we do however have an optional £15 membership to cover the club running costs. This allows paid members to get advance notice of upcoming tastings usually 24-36 hrs.', to sign up before the event is advertised also the tasting will be priced to just cover costs. Non signed up members will have to pay an extra premium towards club funds.

Past events (57)

SWAG & Cut Your Wolf Loose / Artful Dodger Tasting

Needs a location

Wolfburn whisky tasting with Mark Westmorland

This event has passed

Milk and Honey whisky Tasting with Shilton Almeida

This event has passed

What's in your cupboard?

This event has passed

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