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Love and Tantra

Kelvin Apartments - Common area

Date Reschedule for: Love and Tantra Get ready for Vday with this exciting meet up on Why love and tantra are connected and how this practice can further your life! Sex trafficking survivor and founder of Beyond Freedom non profit shares some her story and shows you can use your sensuality for spirituality and abundance in your life! Guest Speaker: Jennelle Gordon has been blessed to be leading people on several continents into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga and holistic nutrition for nearly eight years. Growing up a pastor’s and missionary’s daughter she felt very repressed in certain areas of her life. Scoliosis caused her honorable discharge from the U.S. army, so yoga became her healer – not only for her spine but for her debilitating panic attacks and depression. Tantra yoga was the vehicle she needed to find, it led her to form Dance Om, where she was able to purge and release the dogmatic restraints placed upon her. In April 2015 her heart center opened when her son was born, and her yoga practice was the vital key in his completely natural birth. In 2017, She founded Beyond Freedom, a nonprofit geared towards supporting sex trafficking survivors education expenses. After a life changing seminar with Tony Robbins, she was inspired to merge the compilation of all her passions and trainings into one powerful morality called the “O” Factor. The “O” Factor is holistic system of spiritual, sensual empowerment. Her dharma has led her to travel the world teaching people how to gather their emotional, sexual, and spiritual energy into something sacred and “Oh” so Divine! Admission is complimentary

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