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This group is for anyone who would like more creativity in their lives. There will be regular creative workshops for adults and for families where we will join together to make art, practice mindfulness, be playful, connect with ourselves, with each other and with nature.

This group is for busy people who don’t have time to be creative; it’s for those who were once creative but have since let it lapse, or for those with more experience who want to connect with others. It's for sensitive people and it’s for those of you who are tired and need to take time out for yourself. We create simple art where the focus is on self-expression rather than teaching a particular technique (although some techniques will be explored). Using art is a powerful way to connect with forgotten non-verbal aspects of ourselves, it can also be deeply relaxing, grounding and joyful. Gentle movement and relaxation techniques will usually be included and participants are encouraged to take part at their own pace. There will be an emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment and there will be time for reflection and sharing of experiences. A range of simple easily accessible arts materials will be used. Themes of the changing seasons and nature will run through all events, and in the summer we may have sessions outside.

The emphasis will be on being 'in the moment' and spontaneous, exploring the process and the meaning of the experience rather than focusing on the end product and learning. We will learn that there is no need to be 'good' at art! (Although please do join us if you are a 'good' artist!) We will celebrate messiness, make mistakes, be surprised or inspired, gently go beyond our comfort zone and allow our art to reflect the depth of our lives. Everyone is very welcome to join this group whether you are a complete beginner or an established artist.

My favourite definition of 'Art' is by author Seth Godin

Art isn't pretty.
Art isn't painting.
Art isn't something you hang on the wall.
Art might scare you.
Art might bust you.
But art is who we are and what we do and what we need.
Art isn't a result; it's a journey. The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul.

Workshops will be in Salisbury initially. Events in Tisbury and family sessions coming soon.

Upcoming events (2)

Talk -Spiritual Narcissism


This will be an evening talk in collaboration with my talented friend Theresa Dahl where we will take a deeper look at what narcissism really is, and how it can manifest in different ways on a spectrum from ‘everyday narcissism’ to the more extreme behaviours within a personality disorder. We will take a particular look at how narcissism can play out in spiritual contexts in a variety of ways, including the extreme end of the spectrum that is often seen in spiritual cults. Theresa will be sharing her insights and wisdom on this important topic and I will be talking about my experience of a cult in London which was deeply challenging. Theresa and I often have quite deep and profound conversations and this is your chance to earwig in and to join us! This is part of a series of talks that Theresa is offering which are always thought provoking with a chance for probing questions and juicy discussion. More information to follow, but if you are interested in coming to this event then please register your interest by signing up. The cost is £10.

Art Jam

Sarum College


We will be working with clay in this session. Using clay can be unpredictable, intuitive and soothing. It offers opportunity to be mindful and 'in the moment'. It invites us to let go of expectations and 'be' with what emerges. We will also be connecting with nature and exploring the myths and stories associated with this time of year, reflecting on how we can move with the rhythms of the seasons. Art Jam offers a warm and welcoming space to come and work with your creativity in an open, friendly and non-judgmental space. Emphasis is placed on the process of exploration rather than having a polished finished product. We will use mixed media to create meaningful art which might be messy and imperfect but it will always express something authentic and true to us. As usual there will be a guided visualisation and gentle activities to develop creative flow and a sense of ease. ‘Art Jam’ consists of regular creative sessions in central Salisbury where you will get a chance to try out a wide range of arts based explorations within a supportive community. No need to be ‘good’ at art or have any experience. Anyone new to the group is very welcome. If you would like to attend the workshop without signing up on Meetup then email me on [masked]. Please bring an apron or wear old clothes and do email me if you have any questions. All materials are included. There is a free car park at Sarum College which usually has spaces.

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Art Jam

Sarum College


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