Strategies for a system change: pro-commons entrepreneurship

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Do you want to contribute to a social change?

The Living Commonly project works on values and ethics, to build a community of mutual support, based on gift and sustainability, in the Barcelona area.

We have set ourselves up to create a community in order to change our way of relating and, in the long run, our society.

If you feel that you want to participate in generating a change in our lives come to know the project and share things we can do together.

Financing a community is a big challenge, and financing a gift-based community doubly so. For that we propose the concept of pro-commons entrepreneurship: to sell to the market, for consumers and investors, the same products and services we give to the community for free. Examples:

- Invest in a chain of social restaurants and eat for free the rest of your life
- Invest in an ethical real state company and have free housing anywhere in the world