• Sedona Spring Equinox Activation & Wellness Retreat

    You are invited to this exclusive Sacred Activation Retreat! Are you ready to create a life of flow, alignment and ease? Are you ready to let go of old patterns or hidden beliefs that could be sabotaging your next level of abundance? This retreat is designed to use the ancient healing modalities to connect with your higher self to activate a new reality of living! You do not want to miss this opportunity to upgrade your life and create the best love, health and wealthy life possible for you! The Retreat Host Rosanne Grace lives in Laguna Beach California and is a Metaphysical Intuitive, Subconscious & Inner Child Guide, Multidimensional Source Channel, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Holistic Practitioner Featuring: -Three Nights Of Accommodations And All Meals •Quantum Healing Hypnosis •Hypnagogic Light Machine •Qigong •Sacred Sites •Soul Healing Integration• •Intuitive Healing •Star Activations •Private Accommodations •Organic Meals *Hike to Sacred Sites and Organic gluten-free meals *Open to singles and couples of all preferences. Offered at $888 (Please contact host with any dietary restrictions or preferences). Accommodations are included in registration fee yet if you prefer private accommodations please book separately. Items to pack: Comfortable clothes, layers, hat, sunglasses, tennis shoes or light hiking shoes, water bottle, journal, pens or pencils, socks or slippers for indoors, any special tea/coffee/snacks you prefer or would like to share. We may go out to eat on Sunday if the group chooses. Please prepare by eliminating processed foods/chemicals from your diet. Practice meditating consistently (free YouTube’s are good, hertz frequency music, quiet contemplation, breath work, mindfulness) as this will support you in accessing more during the retreat. **Please note no altering substances permitted during this retreat. Thank you. Please direct all other questions to Rosanne Grace. [masked]https://www.rosannegrace.com Please RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1099043510276241/ Thank you again for your commitment to your inner exploration and expansion! It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.💛 Renessa Strong our host will be attending this event and welcomes our community with open arms + can set up a carpool! Connect with Renessa if you have any questions:[masked]

  • Women's Networking Event: Passion, Purpose and Profits Networking Event

    Cambria Hotel North Scottsdale Desert Ridge


    Passion, Purpose and Profits Networking Meetup Are You Ready To Add More Purpose, Passion And Profits To Your Life? Are You Ready To Meet Like Minded Girlfriends To Encourage And Partner With For More Success? We Have The event For YOU! Join Us Before The Event Sells OUT!! International Association Of Professional Women (IAPW) Invite You To A Special Night! Our Meetup Founder Renessa Strong is also the President for the IAPW for the Phoenix Chapter with over 700 career-oriented women. RSVP Here before the event is full! This event is cross promorted on eventbrite, meetup and facebook so expect to meet 20-40 new women! __________________________________________________ Let's come together and grow our network in new ways! Everyone is welcomed whether you are a new member or been attending events in the past, this event is for you! We will have opportunities for you to grow your business and be inspired by the new influential ladies to network with. Each one of our events supports all of our women attending with new ways to stay motivated to continue to go after your dreams and your vision of success in your life. We surround ourselves with encouraging women that believe in the power of community and we truly believe in networking with each other to accomplish our goals faster. IAW allows us to share our goals and align ourselves with others that have similar goals whether it is for more friendships, fitness goals, personal growth or business goals, or all the above, we will have mini groups to connect you with to create new goal buddies! When you have accountability and friendship combined with intentional goals, your success in your life is limitless. This is a special event that is designed for every type of woman from interns, college grads, stay at home moms to women in the workforce to executives and CEO's. We will all come together and encourage each other to reach our highest potential and enjoy life along the way. This event gives you the opportunity to surrounded by the right connections to support your growth in your goals! 2019 is all about creating new connections and growing your community to create fun memories and enjoyable experiences while growing your business and self. We are taking out the old thinking of "no fun while doing hard work" and instead replacing it with "you can have fun while working smart on yourself, your friendships and business." There will also be featured Guest-Speakers sharing some of their secrets to success that you do not want to miss out on! “Community is a central part of human happiness. One of the biggest nurturers of femininity is intentional community.” ~Teal Swan These events are life-changing as we are not just passing out our business cards but also creating an environment for personal growth and development and true authentic connections with women in our community. There are no other events like this in our city! Women walk away with new business connections, business ideas, professional growth and most importantly new opportunities to living a purposeful life with new friends to enjoy our journey with. Join us each month as we pick out different themes to celebrate women and our growth in business, friendship, family, community and self. Join us this month! Get your tickets today before we sell out of space. This event is for you if you are ready to create new beginnings in friendships 2019! • Remember to bring business cards, an open heart and your smile because creating best friends to share life with is PRICELESS! RSVP Here before the event is full

  • Couples Event: Tantra For Couples – Kundalini Massage Night!

    Hello Amazing Couples! (We will have an event for singles soon) My Husband and I have been attending these Tantra Workshops and now the teachers are hosting an open meetup to invite likeminded couples to grow a deeper connection with each other! The Hosts Diana and Glenn are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, October 13, as we continue our Tantra For Couples gatherings. We will review our Heart Wave practice for those of you who were with us last time out, and we'll also share a simple and very deep Kundalini Massage technique that you can easily learn and add to your intimate occasions. Have you been practicing creating sacred space for yourselves with the basic Namaste-Bubble-Intentions sequence you learned? We'd love to hear your stories and experiences. Give it a try, especially if you have a moment of miscommunication or hurt feelings; chances are you will discover a whole new way to flow together! Namaste, Renessa, Chris and Diana and Glenn If you have any questions please feel free to text or call me at[masked]. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHEN: Saturday Evening, 7-9pm OCTOBER 13 WHERE: Diana and Glenn's house in north Phoenix near the 51 and Shea Blvd, For new attendees, address will be given upon your registration at MeetUp , or simply call/text us at[masked]. COST: $20 per couple WHO: All couples who identify as a "couple" and wish to deepen their relationship, and would welcome a chance to be with like-minded others in an growing Tantric community. First-timers welcome! WHAT: This will be a fully clothed event. Dress comfortably and beautifully, and remember, no explicit sexual activity is ever required or suggested in our gatherings.