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Creating Connection invites those who want to have discovery conversations with people they don't agree with. Our meetings have two parts.

The first third of the meeting is based on neuroscience-based Conversational Intelligence. We learn about the neuroscience of an empowering conversation and we do fun activities that reinforce listening to connect, asking discovery questions, assessing our pre-judgements, how we’ve come to have our own biases, generating neurotransmitter hormones, seeing mirror neurons in action, creating safety and trust, reframing, etc.

In the second two thirds of the meeting we use the skills we’ve just learned and discuss our opinions about a variety of social and political issues, a different one for each meeting such as; gun control, immigration, gender equality, race relations, use/abuse of media, etc.

Our objective is to create connection and empathy. Our focus is to relate to each individual based on what we have in common rather than our differences. Naturally, it is easier to have conversations with people who look just like us, think just like us, are just like us.

But in order to make our families, communities, governments, and in fact the world thrive, we must be able to reach across the things that divide us, connect with the humanity of others, broaden our perspectives and co-create a better future together. This doesn’t mean that we give up our unique and deeply held values but that we are able to be heard and hear the expression of others and together, find common ground and a way forward for the greater good.

We invite you to join us and be heard. You are expected to listen to others as well. Come for the topics that interest you. Or come for the practice in holding great conversations on difficult subjects.

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