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Are You Ready for your FIRST Canadian Winter?
Is this your first Canadian Winter? Not sure what to expect? Come find out the BEST CLOTHING to wear to keep you warm for the BEST PRICE... We may even do a little shopping & I'll bring some samples to show you too! COST : $5.00 per person Meetup Fee & please purchase at least one drink to help support the restaurant, or you can even have dinner. DRESS CODE: There is no specific dress code for this event. It's a pub so casual attire is fine. Just wear whatever you're most comfortable in!!! ATTENDEES: • Mostly downtown professionals usually between 25-45 years of age. • Joint/Coed event with my other social groups... so don't worry if you're the only person signed up in your group as there are 8 other groups invited. • Can't see the other members who are rsvp'd? It's because they are signed up in our other meetup groups & are listed as my guests on each group that's invited. The total # of attendees are added up & updated every couple of days. CONTACT: For any further questions please email Sarah (organizer) at [masked] ... If you're lost/late please text/call Sarah at[masked]pm night of event ONLY) STRIKE POLICY: Please remember that we have a STRICT (3) STRIKE POLICY... if you no-show you get 2 strikes, or if you cancel less than 48 hrs before an event then you get 1 strike... if you rsvp with guests then you get the same # of strikes for them too...If you receive a total of 3 strikes then you'll unfortunately be automatically removed from all our groups & future events... thanks for your anticipated cooperation. DISCLAIMER: By attending these events you understand that the organizers, venues, promoters & website sometimes take pictures. You therefore automatically consent to these pictures being taken & used as they see fit.

Pickle Barrel Atrium (Dundas Subway Station)

312 Yonge Street (across from Eaton Center) · Toronto, ON

What we're about

This groups is about CREATING CONNEXTIONS (spelled with an 'x' because these are connections for your NEXT stage of life... lasting, helpful and full of meaning) between friendly people of all ages(expect the singles events which will be for specific age groups), mostly mixers but I also offer business networking, dinners, movies and singles events, although this is NOT a singles only group.

This group consists of 3 parts: Mixers/Dinners/Friends/Social, Singles/Speed Dating, Business Networking(We have also created a seperate group for networking called "Carousel Networking")... so join and come out for some fun times!

I(Sarah) have been an Event Organizer on other groups for sometime, so many of the events will be combined with a few other groups... I'll also do dinners and smaller events that are JUST US! :-) I am a very ACTIVE host so we'll have things to do all the time!!! I never want to be one of those groups that lays dormite for months at a time.

I'm always open to ideas for events, especially since I've only been in TO four(4) years and am still exploring it myself, and also suggestions on how to make things better, so email me with ANY comments/questions!!!

I hope you will enjoy being in this group as much as I do running it.


PS... For more info and details on ***What's to come*** please see DISCUSSION section.


PPS... We have a 3 STRIKE POLICY, that you automatically agree to when you join the group, for No Shows and Canceling the night before/day of the event. I will be taking attendance @ ALL EVENTS so PLEASE change your rsvp 24 HOURS BEFORE the event. This is my policy NOT the groups policy... 3 stikes and you will not be permitted at my events in the future. Sorry guys, it has to be done, I can't keep buying more food and gifts than there are people for. You may still rsvp YES the day of the event, you just can't cancel less than 24 hours before. Thanks for your co-operation.

PPPS... There is a FEE/COST to most events, it will always be listed in the event description, as will the link for advanced tickets & discounts(if applicable) so PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE EVENT DESCRIPTION!!!

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