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Heroes Needed: Highly effective but extraordinarily challenging work
Undercover Investigator (Animal Cruelty) — multiple positions You are here Position description: To obtain employment at factory farms and slaughterhouses in order to document conditions. Investigators must be prepared to witness unimaginable cruelty and engage in intense manual labor while maintaining their composure and cover to gather information necessary to expose and stop farmed animal abuse. Primary Responsibilities: Conduct thorough research on various farmed animal welfare issues and agricultural practices and facilities Apply for and obtain employment in the animal agriculture industry, including factory farms, hatcheries, livestock markets, and slaughterhouses Using hidden cameras, thoroughly document conditions and practices in the above mentioned facilities, paying particular attention to animal welfare issues Maintain daily records and communications with the director of investigations during the course of the investigation Review, compile and transmit footage, photographs and notes to the director of investigations Retain strict cover and confidentiality in relation to all cases and any other sensitive information before, during, and after each case While undercover, meet or exceed all expectations of the agricultural facility while maintaining cover and following all federal and local laws Be available to meet with law enforcement and provide testimony for all legal proceedings resulting from a case Qualifications: The highest level of personal integrity, intelligence, responsibility, and intestinal fortitude Capability to operate independently in physically and emotionally grueling environments Extensive travel required Ability to use discretion in confidential matters relating to cases Exceptional research and organizational skills Thorough knowledge of factory farming, animal husbandry practices, and animal welfare issues Commitment to the objectives of the organization Strong preference given to multilingual individuals Nation-wide travel is required V Volunteer skills: Environment and Animals ( Role is suitable for: Adult How to apply: Please visit: person: Barb Wright Contact e-mail: [masked] Volunteer Centre: Vancouver (

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We exist to live better lives, to deepen the experience of living in the moment and passionately making the most out of life. And one great way of doing so is by giving. Making someone laugh or learn, leaving a lasting legacy are powerful ways to live a life of purpose, principle and productivity.

This group exists to help people live better lives and concurrently make a difference on various causes. It's been an experiment and a challenge to build momentum when people have such diverse interests and values. But given the times we live in, and the growing power of online social networking, it's crucial that groups like this exist to help people like YOU, do more good.

We'll have to find a way to make the most of this group as we try different things with an eye towards moving to the ideal world.

Our Meet Ups include opportunities to volunteer, various fundraisers, events bringing awareness of social causes/issues, contribution to social well as ordinary events here and there.

So, come out, have fun, meet others, and participate! See you at our events. Sign up for a meetup now.

It can be the most important thing you do all week ;-)

Since I love poetry, i thought i would share the following poem.

The cause that can never be lost nor stayed….

That cause can never be lost nor stayed
Which takes the course of what God has made;
And is not trusting in walls and towers,
But slowly growing from seeds to flowers.

Each noble service that men have wrought
Was first conceived as a fruitful thought;
Each worthy cause with a future glorious
By quietly growing becomes victorious.

Thereby itself like a tree it shows:
That high it reaches, as deep it grows;
And when the storms are its branches shaking,
It deeper root in the soil is taking.

Be then no more by a storm dismayed,
For by it the full grown seeds are laid;
And though the tree by its might it shatters,
What then, if thousands of seeds it scatters?

Kristian Ostergaard

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