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As Ansel Adams said "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

So when you take a photograph in a great location like London, why not make it tell a story? With technology, and modern cameras, the process of 'taking' a photograph has become easier and more accessible, However, the ingredients needed to 'make' a good photograph, has remained unchanged, these are timing, framing location and 'intent'.

The objective of this group is to focus on 'making' great photographs in London, that have impact and a story, regardless of whether you are taking them on a smart phone, DSLR, or a vintage. In other words, 'its not the camera that matters - its knowing when to click the shutter.'

The Meetup format will use London's Photo Routes to show you a new way of seeing and interacting with London, so you feel that you have stepped into a tour guide’s shoes and can view London through their eyes. The purpose of this is to help you become more familiar with the location, identify what you are looking at, and understand its relevance to London’s historical past.
It will also cover certain techniques and tips on getting the 'basics' right, before experimenting with creative techniques and 'staged shots' to make your picture stand out, have emotion or have a particular message. We will also have special sessions ranging from taking photos with impact that can be used on websites and blogs to experimenting with videos and photos to produce video diaries.

This meet up is aimed at anyone who wishes to combine their love of London and creative photography - regardless of experience.

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Social and Social Media Pictures

St Stephens tavern

Late Autumn - Impact Photos in Regents Park Part 2

outside Baker Street Station(Underground)

Autumn - Impact Photos in Regents Park

Great Portland Street station


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