What we're about


Our group is about improving social confidence, conversation skills, getting out of your shell and expanding your comfort zone.
We also want to create a safe space where you can share your issues and concerns.
We will be doing practical exercises such as approaching people, as well as rejection and embarrassment inoculations. Everyone is welcome to work at their own pace, we're here to support each other wherever we're at.
We are both followers of Dr. Aziz, if you'd like to check out his work, here is a link to his website:
(We have no official affiliation with him)
Hope to see you soon!

A bit about us:

Chris and myself (Shawn) are just two shy guys that want to get out of our shell, and start feeling comfortable being ourselves around anybody and everybody. We'd like to help others with this as well, and we've found that it's much easier when part of a supportive community. We met in a workshop in Portland, and after the workshop we were inspired to start this group, to keep our motivation strong and hopefully help others on their journey with this as well.

We weren't sure what to expect when we started the group, but for now it's capped at 50 members (as we only have a basic membership so far) but we'll see how things progress and may accept new members down the road. We've had several pending members interested in attending the meetings. If you are interested please message one of us and we will let you know if there is room available for the upcoming meetings.

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