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In real estate investing, if you never find the deals, you will never make money. It is the fuel of the business. In a slow market, finding deals is easy. In market like what we see today, it is anything buy easy. The problem is not that there are not deals, but seeing them fast enough to be the first to make an offer. I am Josh Buck. I have been investing in real estate since 2005. I have been educating real estate investing since 2010. I have discovered over the years that my greatest talent in real estate is the ability to find properties. I pride myself on the ability to develop systems that maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes. I have developed a unique system that creates a funnel that drives great investments, with margin, to the investor. I did an event in Colleyville for THE DFW REI NETWORK INVESTING MEETUP. After the hour, I felt as if there was enough interest and content to hold a free event. The purpose will be to teach the entire system of finding properties. Whether you want flips, wholesales, rentals, or land, you can implement this system. I welcome you, and anyone to attend the event. I believe that we can get all the content in one day, however I will schedule for Sunday as well, just in case. I won't leave as long as there are questions. I know that Sundays and the Cowboys are also priorities :)

The event will be at the Hampton Inn located at:
DFW West-Hurst
1600 Hurst Town Center Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

Please RSVP so that I can plan on adequate space.

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