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Recasting The Holidays: Family, Ritual & Purpose
Let’s do a little free association, shall we? (OK, deep breath...) “Holiday Season” Family, hugs, grandma’s gravy, reminiscing, beloved traditions, gratitude, love, the next generation, time together… and then there’s Measuring the gap between the ideal and the sometimes very real… disappointment, stress, burden, conflict (personal/political), predictability, loneliness, even loss. For most of us it’s some of both. Let’s to use this time of year as an invitation to: recall re-set re-create meaningful connections and rituals that nourish our spirits. Join us on November 20th to take a look at Family - what we’ve been given, what we’ve created, and what we want to nurture for the year to come. As always, bring pen and notebook, $10 cash, water, clothes you can move in, your open heart and mind. In addition, please bring: * 5 - 10 objects that represent family to you - both its challenges and its promise. Include an item that can contribute a sound that fits your tableau - (pot and spoon, harmonica, bell, crinkling foil, scissors snapping through paper, etc.). If nothing pops into your mind, just pull a few things that appeal to you. * A large, flat surface to work on (cookie pan, tray, etc.) that can easily accommodate what you bring * A cloth/covering for the surface that brings you pleasure Like folding ingredients to a new holiday cake, we’ll combine past, present and future into our creations. I’m so looking forward to sharing our stories and honing our intentions at this potent time of year! Limited seating. RSVP now for you and your friends. Doors open at 6:50 - please arrive in time to register, pay and settle in before we start our adventure!

IMAGINE! Center for Creativity and Healing

1924 Fourth Street · San Rafael, CA

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