LOVE'S secret AGENDA: What it means for your romantic happiness


LOVE’S AGENDA: It's not what you think

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you have an idea about the partner you want. They are Perfect!!.…..or at least Perfect For You.

But what is that “perfection” you seek? 😍
Beyond ideas about how they look, financial status, humor, intelligence (your list of requirements here) there’s an underlying question:
Who can meet your emotional needs? And what are your real needs, anyway?

But even these important questions can get it wrong. Because…
What if we actually chose partners based on their ability to NOT meet our needs, in very particular ways?!! 👀 🥀
What if their role is to help us recreate a challenge from childhood so that we can finally RESOLVE it? 👏🏻

Our unconscious goal in romance is to master our childhood wound so that we can recapture our full capacity for aliveness and love.

This is a central insight behind Imago Therapy, and the focus of our group this month. We'll explore this idea together - it’s relevance to and applications for your own love life.
In my experience and for so many of my clients, understanding your stealth agenda in choosing (or avoiding) partners is a ‘game changer’ .

I think of this insight as a key to discovering:
- your unique needs in intimacy
- what's seeking to be healed through love for you
- how to choose partners differently, based on understanding this deeper motivation

Every journey begins with a single step.
Let’s take this first step together! 👣

Bring a notebook & pen, water, an open spirit.
Wear clothes you can move in. $10 cash at the door.
You and your friends are warmly welcome w/ an RSVP by 9/16.
Doors open at 6:50 - plan to arrive with time to sign in, pay, and settle in.
Questions/Details: contact me - [masked]

As always, we'll use discussion, laughter, writing, skills practice, sharing stories, role-play and other methods to move you toward your best life.