Launch Meeting: Creating the Life You Want


In our meetings, you'll be welcomed into a supportive community to take on the promise and challenge of mature womanhood. This is a potent time: poised between our hard-won wisdom & the possibilities of what we each, uniquely, can build.

We'll explore how your life is asking you to expand so that you can:
Live your purpose more fully.
Bring your joy, creativity, gifts and passion to daily life.
Express what has been silenced.
Take the risks needed.
Bless yourself and your beloveds with your clarity, strength, and unimpeded love.

Some potential topic areas:
- Sexuality, self-image and desire - pre & post menopause
- Reaping the lessons from hard times
- Fulfilling work - what's in the way, what do you need, how to get it
- The art and practice of saying "No"
- Gender gaps: creating openings for intimacy
- Mothering: where's the manual?
- Should i stay or should I go? Spouses, lovers and friends
- Me Too/Times Up - sexism and self-advocacy
- Life after Divorce
- True to yourself: the courage to know, speak, and create freely

We'll use discussion, laughter, skills practice, sharing stories, role-play and other methods to move you toward your best life. Please arrive in comfortable clothes, with pen, notebook, water and an open spirit.