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Classes will be recorded and emailed to participants, upon request, (that way you won't miss anything for when life has other plans for you or you would like to listen to it during the week. This course is set up to be ongoing and each week will have a topic of focus.

This class is a result of several requests to put together a course on Falling in Love with Yourself, as a result of the theme that was coming out of the bi weekly meditation classes I do on MeetUp. The commonalities with all the participants is that: You are your own best advocate for change because no one knows you like you do. All your ideas, dreams, aspirations and failures are personal to You. People may think they know you, and they may know parts of you. But only you know the true you, how you think, feel, react, reflect, and talk to yourself is something only you can connect to at the level you do.

It is the intention of this course to help you listen more intently, and open up a dialog, in order to shift and heal those parts of you that have been rejected by others, and as a result yourself. How often does that voice in our heads get the better of us? Telling us we are not good enough or it voices insecurities, shame, or guilt to maneuver us into repeated patterns of rejection and isolation. The results can show up as unhealthy relationships or addictions (with love, food, or money).

This meetup creates a starting point on how to create a dialog and treat yourself like you do a new lover or relationship, excitedly discovering/devouring Yourself. This course guides you into looking at yourself and your life in new ways. We start from the inside out, discovering how and why those patterns of self talk are creating the world you live in, one that may feel less than the life you desire, not only with yourself, but those in it.

We came into this world being unconditional love, accepting everyone through the heart of love, God Love. Somewhere along the way we lost that connection to ourselves and others. This meetup will reestablish that connection through meditation, conversation, and self reflection. Every meetup will have pointers and exercises to put into practice, and in each class we will celebrate each others successes on (big or small ways) we let go of the old truths and beliefs. As your perspective of yourself changes, your world and how you see it will change. This course gives you the tools to create a new reality where you see the value of loving yourself, so the world can show up loving (and honoring) you too.

I believe that no one can love you more than you love yourself. If you are looking for someone or something to fill that void, it will be an impossible feat. The substitute you choose in lieu of self love will never satisfy over time, will never be enough, be good enough, or deep enough to give you what you are, unconditional God love, loving it's creation, seeing only perfection and beauty in the unique You that you are.

I welcome anyone who would like to explore how to break old patterns of behavior, negative self talk, limited success, failed relationships with family, friends, romance, or career. Together, we can discover the core of those beliefs you have about yourself and realign You to a new perspective that creates change, healing, and freedom to choose You.

Much of this comes from a channeled space, where I connect to your truest form, and communicate and bridge the mind and body to your source. Please note, I am not a therapist, so we will not go into your stories like you would in therapy. I am in intuitive life coach wanting to create the most effective, clean, and energetically aligned way to move you into a connection of self empowerment and self love.

The world needs more love, and to have that be effective and lasting, it starts from within and radiates out. We are the light(s) of the world, unconditionally loving, authentically, and transparently radiant beings. We sometimes just forget.

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